We are a nonprofit organization helping to provide a healthy community where residents live in safe, affordable housing and are exposed to multiple avenues for education. Through our focused efforts, we see improved overall quality of life and economic stability through greater employment opportunities and a growing tax base.

Whirlpool Collective Impact Fund was established in 2012 to nurture a positive, sustaining and thriving community where citizens want to work and live; focus efforts and invest in drivers that support community goals to create collective impact; and to encourage meaningful relationships and outcome-driven partnerships with community organizations.

By utilizing a collective impact model, the Whirlpool Collective Impact Fund is better able to address community issues through partnerships and collaboration to leverage community resources, share responsibilities as well as results, and broaden the impact of change and improvement.  Further, by announcing focus areas, we strengthen the impact in those areas that our contributions can make.  Our focus areas are better defined by the collective impact model that follows.

“At the very core of our collective impact model is the recognition that change can only be meaningful by addressing all of the elements associated with human need.” Pam Klyn, Board Member, Whirlpool Collective Impact Fund.

Take a look at our infographic to learn more about our Collective Impact.