Partner Company & Player Process

On May 21, Whirlpool employees invite companies via email to participate in the 2021 WCCGE

By June 11, Partner Company contact completes the Partner Company Donation Commitment Form. This form is required to receive the electronic invitation and invoice. (Payment due by July 23)

Partner Company contact sends calendar “Save The Date(s)” to their players. Players make hotel reservations (if applicable)Hotel room blocks can be found on our event website at under Player Info then Accommodations

On June 11, Partner Company contact receives electronic invitation containing the Player Registration link

On June 11, Partner Company contact forwards electronic invitation to their three golfers so they can register online

Starting June 11, each player completes an individual Player Registration Form onlineNo later than July 9

On July 23, Final Player Confirmations will be sent via email and will indicate which golf course(s) you will play at and the Whirlpool Host(s)

After July 26, the Whirlpool Host will connect with the Partner Company they are hosting

August 8-9, 2021