Dear Friends,

Our 21st Whirlpool Community Charity Golf Event is on August 4th and 5th. We hope to see you all back this year.

Over the last 20 years we have raised over $31,000,000! This has enabled us to expand and grow our local Boys & Girls Clubs and First Tee programs, support our three local public schools and support our rapidly growing robotics and other youth programs throughout the community.

In 2012, we opened three world-class facilities for our local youth. The Benton Harbor Boys & Girls Clubs opened a new Youth Center for ages 6 to 13. We also opened a new Teen Center for ages 14 to 18. Over 1,186 youth were served in 2022 at these two centers. The new First Tee facility at Harbor Shores Golf Club has also produced great results with more than 4,100 participants. These programs are indeed giving opportunities that never would have been possible for these deserving children and teens. In addition, we have been able to provide support to our three local Public Schools enabling them to provide programs, technology, and opportunities that benefit all students in our Schools.

As you all know, our youth today face a number of challenges that can have a significant impact on their lives. Our local youth organizations play a vital role in helping our youth during these times and positively impact their futures.

We have made this great progress over the years due to the great support of our Friends and Partners. Your generous support is making a huge difference in the lives of thousands of deserving youth and is having a profound positive impact on their lives. We hope to make 2024 our best year ever to support our youth organizations.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in August!


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Marc Bitzer

Chairman & CEO
Whirlpool Corporation

Pam Klyn

Executive Vice President
Whirlpool Corporation

Jeff Fettig

Golf & Kids